Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Evening in Chongqing

Chongqing is big city. People are work all night. I met a few people at night they are friendly too.
I have cycle country like Indian, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. I can see the differences with them. Most of this countries people are friendly and helpful too but they are expecting some money or tips from me. But in China nobody want to aspect money or tips from me.Chongqing city at night.

Chongqing City

I reach in Chongqing at 4.00pm. The town is beautiful and very busy. I stay in a nice hotel near the Railway station, I paid 70Rm. I stay this hotel because the next I have to take a train to Xi'an to extent my visa.This is the express bus station in Chongqing.

On the train to Chongqing -

Some pictures taken from the train. Had some food on train restaurant

In the train to Chongqing 24hrs.

In train I met a Chinese school teacher and her son, they both can write English but they fine hard to speak out. Any way we still can understand what we are talking. Here they, say small school for primary school, middle school for secondary school and high school is the same.Baby girl eating rosted duck leg.She is saying you want this baby you can take her.The Railway staff walking home after a duty. Very helpful lady.Train which I took to Chongqing,