Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to the hotel

At the Basket Ball Stadium 2

Hi, to everyone,
I am leaving China with little worry that I can't cycle much. Seeing opening ceromany of the Olympic on 08.08.08 did't worry me much. Very sad to say, I only cycle about 700。Anyway I had some good memories.
I am taking train to Kunming from beijing on 7th.8.08 at 4.50pm. Before that I have to go to the visa office 9.00am to collect my visa and Passport. I hope to reach in Kunming on 9.00am and take a bus to Meng La 6.30pm the same day. On the 10th.8.08 at 9.00am the bus will arrived in Meng La. I have to cross the China border Mohan before 4.30pm the same day to Botem Laos Border. I am rushing and takeing the risk. If I am not in time I will be fine 500ymb.

I am back in Laos. I will do some cycling in Thailand before I come back home,

At the Basket Ball Stadium - 5.8.08

Cycling to Beijing Railway Station

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Cycling to the Main Stadium

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Shoping in Central Beijing

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Outside Basket Ball stadium

At the Olimpic basket ball stadium